Set Combo I 450g


This is a special combination of Special Soy Sauce, Hot Chilli Sauce and Vinegar

2 Bottles Special Soy Sauce
2 Bottles Hot Chilli Sauce
2 Bottles Vinegar

Weight: 3 Kg


Artificial vinegar Made Mudim use water that has filtered and acetic acid of higher quality. Has many uses such as food ingredients. Cleaning agents, aids in the control of insects and many more.Special Soy Sauce to be preferred since the year 1987, this sauce combines sweet and salty flavours in a bottle. Suitable as ingredients or as a complement to the dish.Hot Chili Sauce combines the unique flavour of fresh chilli and high-quality garlic. Spicy flavour and aroma of garlic in each bottle produced.Soybeans, Water, Caramel, Sugar, Salt, Flour, Contains Permitted Flavors Preservatives.Chilli, Garlic, Water, Sugar, Flour, Salt,  Contains Permitted Flavors Preservatives, Water, Asetik Acid

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