Set Combo D 450g


This Mudim’s Sweet Soy Sauce combines creamy sweet flavours in one bottle. Suitable as a cooking ingredient or as a dish complement.

One box of 415g Combo Set has 6 bottles of Mudim’s Sweet Soy Sauce
 you want to suffice 1 Dozen purchase quantity should be 2 Combo Set D.

Quantity: 6 Mudim’s Sweet Soy Bottles

Weight: 3 Kg

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Kicap Lemak Manis mempunyai gabungan rasa lemak-lemak manis dan menjadikan golongan kanak-kanak terutamanya kerana rasa yang dimilikinya. Ia turut didatangkan dalam 2 jenis label pembungkusan iaitu keemasan dan merah gelap.

Sweet soy sauce has a sweet taste creamy and makes the children primarily because of its taste. It also comes in 2 types of packaging labels, which are Golden and Dark Red Label.


Soybeans, Water, Caramel, Sugar, Salt, Flour, Contains Permitted Flavors & Preservatives


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Weight 2.49 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 22.4 cm


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